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we are passionate people striving to transform finance and are looking for smart people to become a partner in crime in our journey. to know more, check out about our culture and open positions below.

our core values

these are the core values, we breathe as a company. we believe these values are at the core of what we do and how we do. it is then an unsaid rule here @ deriva to make great products without hampering any of our core values.


and trust

to customers


continuous learning
and improvement





our culture

they say curiosity and creativity go hand in hand. we believe it’s true. curiosity and creativity is at the heart of why, what and how we do.

providing freedom to experiment is one of the core mantras we believe in. after all most of the invention and discoveries came alive after multiple experiments.

language is the greatest invention in human history and we leverage its power in our daily life. we are vocal and eloquent in our work and do not keep the others guessing.

being audacious to take risks. getting out of the comfort zone and striving to be the best.

keep it simple and stupid. we at deriva love to solve problems but sometimes simple ideas can make all the difference.

why deriva

revolutionize FinTech

FinTech is changing the way money moves and we want to be at the forefront of this revolution. we want to harness all the potential that this industry offers.

build cool products

we build some of the cool products that drive the FinTech space. our products bring new and refreshing ideas to our consumers at the same time solving their pain points.

flexible jobs

work anytime you want, anywhere you want. we are completely remote team working at our homes. we follow deadlines, not time zones.

state of the art tech

our products’ infrastructure is built upon latest technologies enabling our users experience a suite of products which are faster and more adaptive to future technological changes than our competitors.

current openings

developer - android

tech - android team

remote location

developer - iOS

tech - iOS team

remote location

developer - web

tech - web team

remote location

designer - graphics & ui/ux

design - ui/ux team

remote location

marketing specialist

marketing team

remote location

business development analyst

business development team

remote location

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