we provide a suite of finance apps both for businesses and consumers to simplify finance. finance is misconstrued as esoteric. our products aim to bridge the gap between the black and the white.

our mission

to simply finance not just personal but for businesses too. making finances as easy as elementary school math. building products that cater to every financial problem and turning it into something delightful and amazing. we aim to provide a seamless experience to our users by keeping it simple yet effective. your one-stop solution to everything finance.

our vision

making people and businesses money-smart per se. we believe education is at the forefront of this change we want to bring to the world. and what better way to educate our consumers than a rich ecosystem of intuitive products that work seamlessly and hassle-free across platforms. we want to make finance a habit for people and businesses alike.

our team

aayush goyal

founder, ceo

management freak

aspiring perfectionist


federer fan

kartik vijay

co-founder, cto

comfort before everything

known as Einstein


full of surprises

meeta ghosh


fashion sense @ max

chicken lover

creative by heart

confused af (fantastically)